Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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Like most of the state, Hilliard, OH experiences hot and muggy summers, followed by freezing cold winters. That can affect your home in numerous ways unless you prepare for it properly with a reliable heating and air conditioning system. With them, you can rest easy knowing you have a safe and comfortable haven from the ravages of our weather. The pros at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning are the ones to speak to regarding installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of your heating and air conditioning system. Our trained experts can answer any of your question and provide the kind of service you expect. Contact us today to schedule heating and air conditioning services in Hilliard, OH and the surrounding area.

Call on Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for heating and air conditioning services in Hilliard, OH.

Heating Services in Hilliard, OH

Ohio winters are no doubt cold, and reliable heating is more than a matter of comfort. Whether you use a furnace, a boiler or an alternative form of heating, you need a service that can not only install and replace your unit, but keep it properly maintained and repair it when trouble arises. Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning has experience with numerous different makes and models of heater, and we’re ready to handle any issues you might have.

Furnace Repair & Installation

Most furnaces in Hilliard, OH are gas furnaces fed by the civic gas line which provides reliable heat. If you’re not on the civic system, you might have an electric furnace, which draws upon your home’s electrical grid to function. Whichever one you have, trust a company that knows the difference to keep them maintained and in good working order!

Heat Pumps Save Money in the Winter

A heat pump uses the principles of air conditioning to both cool your house in the summer and warm it in the winter. Its improved efficiency can help save you money in the colder months, and while heat pumps used to struggle when temperatures dipped down too far, modern versions can handle anything Old Man Winter can throw at it.

Air Conditioning Services in Hilliard, OH

You don’t need us to tell you how hot and miserable our summers can be. A good air conditioning system can keep your home cool and comfortable during even the hottest days. That’s why you need a service that can not only install a new system for you, but keep it well-maintained, then replace it when its race is finally run. At Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re prepared to handle all stages of your air conditioner’s life and ensure that it’s there for you every summer. Call us today!

Hilliard Air Conditioning Repair Services

With good maintenance, your air conditioner can keep repairs to a minimum, but when breakdowns do occur, you need them to be taken care of quickly. Otherwise, your home could be left baking like an oven in the middle of one of our heat waves. We provide speedy service with a satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll never be left without timely help!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

A good heater can benefit from humidifiers, UV air purifiers and other indoor air quality products installed in your home. Not only do they make your household more comfortable, but they can ease the strain on your heating system and help lower those costly winter bills. A trained professional can advise you on the system that works best for your home!

Rely on Humidifiers in the Winter and Dehumidifiers in the Summer

As temperatures drop, the moisture in the air condenses into droplets, leaving the air itself much drier. You can feel it with the itchy skin and static electricity of winter. In the summer, the opposite is true, as high humidity makes the air feel warmer than it really is. A good humidifier and dehumidifier can help regulate moisture levels and keep your home comfortable!

Trust Air Purifiers to Reduce Dust and Pollen

Air filters can do a good job clearing out dust, but a reliable air purifier takes it to a whole new level. It removes dust by ionizing it, causing each and every particle to stick to a collection pan and remove itself for your air flow for good. The results are cleaner, fresher air, reduced counts of illness and a happier household as a whole!

Commercial HVAC Systems Need Technicians Who Know the Difference

A commercial HVAC system relies on the same principles as a residential system, but it must heat and cool a much larger space while attending to the unique needs of the business within. That means you need an installation and repair service with experience in commercial properties, who can identify the problem quickly and is willing to work after hours so your operations aren’t compromised. In Delaware County, you can call upon Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for all your commercial heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs!

Commercial HVAC Repairs Are a Snap

When your commercial system runs into trouble, you can’t simply wait for repairs. An uncomfortable environment means that your customers will go elsewhere for their business, while your employees will be distracted and unable to work at their best. You need a service that can move quickly before the problem impacts your bottom line. For fast and efficient commercial HVAC repairs, call on Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning every time!