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Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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“Short cycling” is the term that describes what happens when a furnace shuts off before it completes its heating cycle. If you notice that your furnace turns on and off numerous times during the day and night when you normally expect to hear it working at a steady hum, then you likely have an issue from short cycling.

Short cycling requires immediate attention, as it points to a potentially serious trouble with your furnace. For fast and effective furnace repair in Columbus, OH, contact Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning.

The Main Causes of Short Cycling

Short cycling sometimes indicates a simple repair need. But it could also signal that the furnace requires replacement.

One of the common causes for a furnace to short cycle is a malfunction in the thermostat. Thermostats measure levels of heat and use the information to turn the furnace on and off. A thermostat that senses incorrect heat levels, or has an impaired connection to the furnace, can start to shut the furnace off at incorrect times. Have a repair technician investigate if thermostat issues are behind the problem.

Short cycling can also be caused by a clogged air filter.  This can cause a furnace to overheat and shut down automatically as a safety precaution. Make sure your air filters are clean and that you have filters that are compatible with your system.

If your furnace has always had trouble with short cycling since its installation, than the problem may be more significant: the furnace was incorrectly sized before it was installed and is too powerful for the space it is required to heat. An oversized heater will raise the temperature so rapidly that the thermostat will prematurely shut it off before the heating cycle completes. This is why you should always rely on professionals to install a heater in your home; amateurs are much more likely to make mistakes like this, and it will cost you much more money in the long run.

Why You Need to Stop Short Cycling

You may wonder why short cycling is a serious problem; after all, the heat is still working and providing warmth. But a short cycling furnace is a huge waste of energy and also putting itself on the road toward repairs and a premature replacement. Furnaces use the most amount of power when they start up, so a furnace that needs to restart numerous times during the day can drain up to twice the amount of fuel it normally needs. All this starting and stopping also puts unnecessary stress on the motors and belts, leading to extra repairs and a reduced system life.

Repair or replace?

Call the heating experts at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for Columbus, OH furnace repair when short cycling starts. Find out if your furnace only needs basic repairs, or if you should have a full replacement. We have NATE-trained technicians available to give you knowledgeable answers and quality service.