Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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The thermostat performs one of the most important functions in your heating system, even though it is a relatively small component and often placed far from the central unit of the heater. The thermostat is the control panel you use to communicate with your heater and fine-tune your comfort level. A thermostat also detects the temperature in your home and uses the data to signal the heater when to turn on and off.

The thermostat needs to make the most accurate temperature readings possible in order for it to work correctly, and subsequently for the heater to work as you want it. For this reason, installers need to carefully consider where the thermostat will go in your home during installation.

Professional installers, like those at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning, have the experience and training to make the right choices during heating installation in Columbus, OH. Don’t try to take on jobs like this yourself or hire amateurs with minimal background in HVAC installation.

Why is it important to give thermostat placement such careful consideration? As long as it can communicate with the heater, what difference should it make where it is mounted? To answer that, think about the temperatures in your home: are they identical everywhere? No—some rooms that get direct sunlight through large windows will have higher temperatures because of radiant heat. Other places will feel damp because doors leading to the outside let heat escape. These variations in temperature can deceive a thermostat into reading the incorrect temperature and turning the heater on or off at inappropriate times.

It’s important that a thermostat is mounted where it won’t receive direct sunlight, since this will cause it to sense higher temperatures, sometimes as much as 10°F higher, than the rest of your home. This is a major discrepancy that will throw off your heater’s performance. If the thermostat is located where it will receive strong drafts, it will sense a lower temperature, causing the heater to come on when it shouldn’t.

Installers with the proper background and training will know to exercise caution when choosing a location for the thermostat when they install it along with the other components of your new heater. Always look to experts for HVAC services so you get the maximum comfort with the minimum need for future repairs. The NATE-certified technicians at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning will deliver superb heating installation in Columbus, OH so you will receive the optimal performance from your system.