Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983

Although air conditioners are intricate devices that require special training to understand fully enough to repair and service them, anyone who has one installed in his or her house will know that if the AC only blows hot air from its vents… something is not right.

The reasons for an air conditioner that has stopped carrying out its job can range from simple adjustment issues to catastrophic failures that may require the system receive a full replacement. In most cases, you will need repair technicians to determine the cause of the problem and then apply the correct repairs. When you need professional assistance with your air conditioning in Delaware, look to the NATE-certified team at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning. We will help make sure that your AC does the job it should for this summer and the summers beyond.

Reasons an AC may start to blow only hot or warm air

  • Thermostat issues: One of the first things to check when you have trouble of any kind with your air conditioner is the thermostat. Sometimes a basic user error with the settings on a programmable thermostat can account for the AC not turning on the compressor and only running the fans. (If you use a heat pump for air conditioning, it may also be set to heating mode accidentally.) The thermostat could also have a malfunction causing it to misread the temperature or lose its connection to the AC’s compressor. Technicians will need to make the necessary repairs.
  • Compressor trouble: The compressor in the outdoor condenser is the heart of how an AC cools down a home. The compressor provides the energy to the refrigerant that starts it flowing around the system, and should the compressor stop working, cooling will also stop. The compressor can stop because of mechanical trouble, motor failure, or burn-out. A burnt-out compressor usually must be replaced (and sometimes the whole system with it), but technicians can often repair other issues with it to restore the AC’s cooling ability.
  • Lost refrigerant: The movement of refrigerant through the indoor and outdoor units of an AC is how the system shifts heat from one place to another. Refrigerant remains at a set level—known as its “charge”—without dissipating during normal operation. But if refrigerant should start to leak, the lowered charge will threaten to end heat exchange entirely. This needs repairs done as soon as possible, since not only will lost refrigerant threaten cooling power, it can cause damage in the compressor and along the indoor coil.

Professional technicians are familiar with the many ways that an air conditioner may malfunction, and they will rapidly get to the bottom of whatever has impaired your home’s cooling system. It only takes one call to Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning to solve your problems with air conditioning in Delaware. Give us a call today and schedule your next service appointment with us.