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We know you don’t really want to think about snow, even with the holidays here. But we will get some sooner or later, and if you have a heat pump system in Columbus, OH, it is very important that you clear the snow and ice off your outdoor cabinet along with any other snow you clear from your property. It can be easy to forget about your outside unit, especially during the winter months, but you’ll find out soon enough from potential systemic problems that it’s a lot better to remember to clear that snow and ice rather than let it sit.

Why It’s a Problem

You may be wondering why snow and ice can be such a problem during the winter. Unlike the summer, nothing is blowing out of your heat pump. But there is something very important happening, and it is the opposite: your heat pump is absorbing available heat in the outside air. This is how a heat pump HVAC system provides heat to your home: it transfers heat from the outdoors to the indoors.

You have probably noticed that your outdoor unit has something like a grill on the top and on the sides. This is to allow your heat pump to expel air during the summer months and absorb air during the winter months. If your outdoor cabinet is covered in a layer of ice and snow, your heat pump cannot get access to the air it needs to provide heat to your home. As a result, your home won’t be properly heated, and your heat pump may shut down.

Be Cautious

Ice and snow can be pretty stubborn, but it is very important that when you remove it from your outdoor cabinet, you do so carefully. You don’t want to damage the cabinet or the components inside. If you need help with this, call your Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning technician for help.