Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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As we head into the coldest part of the year, it’s time to ask yourself a question: when was the last time your heating system was maintained by a trained professional? If the answer is over a year, then it is time to give the experts at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning a call.

Why Is It So Important?

There isn’t just one reason why heating maintenance is so important, there are several:

  • Prevents repairs – while there is no magic formula to stop you from ever needing to hire an expert for repair work, maintenance comes pretty close. This is because the appointment provides our technician the opportunity to thoroughly and carefully inspect your system for any potential issues and get ahead of them.
  • Elongates the life of the equipment – a system that isn’t maintained annually is one that will be prone to premature aging. No homeowner wants to replace a heating system earlier than needed, and you can make sure you don’t by hiring a professional to perform maintenance each year.
  • Increases energy efficiency – you can’t expect your heating system to work at its best when carrying the wear and tear from past seasons. In fact, the EPA estimates that for every year you don’t maintain your system, you will lose 5% of its total efficiency. This is a number that can quickly add up to significant energy loss.
  • Increases comfort – when your heating system works optimally, as it will after a tune-up, it will easily reach your desired set temperature.
  • Keeps the system in good working order – maintenance is the best way to keep your system in good shape throughout the winter months.

Get your heating system in Columbus, OH, properly maintained before the holidays by calling us today!