Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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While a lot of homeowners prefer the gradual, even heating provided by radiant heating systems, forced air heaters, such as furnaces, reign supreme in terms of popularity. Like any other heater, though, forced air heating systems have both their pros and cons. If you are thinking about using a furnace or a heat pump to heat your home, consider the following information. As always, be sure to let us handle all of your heating services in Columbus, OH.


There are  a few benefits that you’ll enjoy as a result of opting for a forced air heating system. First of all, these systems tend to be more affordable to purchase than radiant heating systems. They also tend to be more affordable in terms of the installation process. Installing ductwork in an existing property can be tricky, but the installation of, say, an in-floor hydronic heating system is even more involved. Plus, if you have existing ductwork for a central AC, a forced air heating system can share that ductwork.

Another benefit is that heating air directly and then distributing that heated air throughout a house via ductwork allows for very prompt heating. As mentioned above, there are those that prefer radiant heating, which can be a bit more even and tends to linger longer between cycles. However, when it comes to heating up a home quickly, forced air distribution is tough to beat.


The biggest downside of using a forced air heating system is that it leaves you vulnerable to inefficiency stemming from ductwork problems. If your ductwork is well-designed, expertly installed, and kept in prime condition, then you’ll be able to heat your home quite efficiently. That being said, ductwork often develops leaks without homeowners even realizing there is a problem, and they wind up paying more than they should have to in order to live comfortably.

Indoor air quality is another concern. Pollutants can enter the ductwork via leaks, and the ductwork can then spread those pollutants throughout the house. As air is forced through vents, it can also stir up existing pollutants in the home, which can drag down indoor air quality. Let us know what concerns you have, and we’ll make sure that you choose your new heating system confidently.

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