Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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We know as well as anyone that the days are still plenty warm around here. We’ve also felt the chill creeping back into the nighttime air, though, and the fact of the matter is that summer is most certainly beginning to wane. With nighttime temperatures already dipping down into the 50’s, it’s only a short matter of time before you find yourself turning on your heater in Columbus, OH for the first time of the year.

Before you do so, you need to ask yourself a serious question. Is my heater ready for another winter of service? If your system has not been tuned up within the past year, then the answer is no. It doesn’t matter really if your system is tuned up before or after the winter season, but once you’ve started on a schedule, you really must stick to it. That means that those of you in the habit of having your system serviced before winter begins should be dialing our number pretty soon.

No, It’s Not Too Early Still

And even if it were, too early still beats too late, right? One of the most common reasons for homeowners falling behind in their maintenance schedules is simply due to the change in seasons creeping up on them. Once you’ve started running your heater the first few chilly days or nights of the year, you become less and less likely to have that system tuned up. It’s working just fine, you think, I’ll just wait until spring to schedule maintenance. 

Doubling down on heating seasons is really not a good idea, especially with winters as cold as ours. Even if your system doesn’t break down entirely, after all, chances are that it is not going to function at peak performance and efficiency levels. Don’t wait for the really cold weather to arrive before scheduling heating maintenance. Technicians are only getting busier from here on out.

Get the most from your heater this season by scheduling a professional tune-up with Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning.