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Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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Whether it’s legal or not to repair appliances connected to natural gas lines is a question people often ask around the country. The answer changes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Local codes sometimes prohibit non-licensed repairs to any main gas line or appliance connected to it, while others only restrict installation. Other local codes will permit non-licensed individuals to perform repairs, but strongly caution against it.

For Columbus, OH, local codes do not prohibit you from working on your gas furnace, but the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) urges all homeowners to call professionals for this work because of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning as well as explosions.

We agree. From our many years of training and experience working on gas furnaces, we understand how complex repairs can be, and our NATE-certified staff at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning takes special precautions on every natural gas heating repair in Columbus, OH that they perform to make safety the top priority. The potential trouble from non-professional work on a gas leak ranges from immediate fire and explosive dangers to more insidious slower leaks of carbon monoxide, which can lead to multiple health problems.

What about an electric furnace?

Electric furnaces have no laws restricting non-professional repairs either, nor do they pose the same health risks. However, they still can be dangerous if handled incorrectly: poor wiring can lead to fire hazards. We would never recommend anyone but a trained professional to work with electrical systems.

It’s not just about safety—it’s also about performance

Although the potential dangers of amateur repairs should be enough to warn you away from attempting it and instead call a professional contractor, we need also to point out that untrained repairs are rarely effective and will lead to a furnace, whether gas or electric, performing poorly. A mistaken repair job will often make whatever was wrong with the furnace worse. There’s rarely a good outcome for repairs done to furnaces without the proper training or equipment.

Remember to schedule professional maintenance

In addition to recommending you stay away from repairs to your gas (and electric) furnace, PUCO advises that homeowners “Have appliances that use natural gas inspected by a qualified repair person once a year.” This is one of the best ways to avoid concerns over repairs: keep the furnace in the best working condition possible. With a yearly visit from a professional maintenance technician, you can keep your gas furnace working efficiently and safely.

Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning has the training and experience to handle all your needs for heating repair in Columbus, OH so it is done correctly and without any dangers to you or your family. Call us any time of the day or night for service.