Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983

Air conditioning manufacturers such as York provide an estimated lifespan for their units. You can find the estimate on the cabinet of the AC in your home. This estimate is not a guarantee;  if you neglect maintenance and repairs your system might not last as long as you’d think.

But let’s look at the positive side: doing as much as you can to almost guarantee your system will live up to its lifespan, and perhaps beyond. We have some tips from our cooling professionals at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for ways to keep your system running for many years with minimal need for air conditioning repair in Columbus, OH.

Here’s how to expand your AC’s life:

  • Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance! – We can’t emphasize this enough. Your air conditioner requires annual attention from an HVAC professional to make sure it runs effectively and efficiently. During an inspection, the technician will tighten electrical connections, clean dirty parts, make adjustments and calibrations, and check on airflow and refrigerant level. You’ll know about repair needs before they become serious, and your air conditioner will run with the least amount of stress possible.
  • Repairs done on time – Whenever you think you need professional repairs, whether a maintenance technician told you about a potential problem or you noticed strange behavior from the AC, you can’t wait and hope the trouble will vanish on its own. It won’t, and it will likely worsen and cause problems for other parts of the system. The swifter you have repairs done, the healthier your AC will remain.
  • Avoid needless stress to the system – During extremely hot days, you’ll need to have your AC working as much as possible. However, you can reduce your usage during more moderate days with economical use of the thermostat. Keeping the AC running all the time on the same low setting is wasteful. Aim instead to raise the temperature to around 8°F during waking hours (72°–78° is a good target), and if possible shut it off during sleeping hours and open up windows to ventilate the house. Invest in a programmable thermostat so you can have the air conditioning shut off while you’re away from home and have it start to cool down the house before you return. All these methods will relieve stress from the AC’s components and make it age slower.

Sign up for a maintenance program to get started

You can begin stretching out your air conditioner’s lifespan today with a call to Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning. Ask about our different maintenance plans, which will deliver you annual maintenance for your air conditioner and heater. You’ll also benefit from discounts on air conditioning repair in Columbus, OH. Let us help you get the most from your AC this summer and many summers to come.