Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983

The summer is coming and with it the humid, hot air that makes you glad you have an AC – something hard to believe after the frigid temperatures of this past winter. Those freezing temps meant that your HVAC unit did a lot of work this winter, including taking in lots of dust and dirt that is now caught in the unit’s air filter. While it’s a small item, your air filter can cause a lot of problems if not checked and replaced regularly. Let’s take a look at how your air conditioner in Columbus, OH can malfunction when the air filter is dirty:

  • Efficiency – when the air filter is clogged with dust and dirt, air flow is restricted. This, in turn, makes your unit work harder to achieve the temperature you want. When your unit works harder, it uses more power, and more power means you spend more money to keep it running.
  • Unhealthy Air – if the air filter is clogged, it can’t properly filter the air going through your air conditioning system. As such, dust and particles will blow right through your entire system. This can be especially problematic for those with allergies.
  • Hot and Cold Spots – also a result of restricted air flow, your property may have hot and cold spots throughout, making the temperature uneven and potentially uncomfortable.
  • Overheating of Equipment – when your unit has to work harder to achieve the desired indoor temperature, your blower motor is working overtime. Eventually this may lead to overheating and potential total system failure.
  • Frozen Coils – your unit has evaporator coils that need to get the full return of heat in order to work properly. When the air flow of your AC is restricted due to a dirty air filter, the heat is not properly transferred, causing the coils to freeze up. This will cause your unit to shut down.

A Quick Fix

You can avoid many of these problems simply by checking and changing your air filter monthly:

  • Buy the filter – before purchasing, check your unit’s manual to get the properly sized filter
  • Turn off the unit entirely – turn off electricity at the breaker, not just the unit itself
  • Remove old filter – most filters are on the right side of the unit, placed vertically into a slot. Pull the old filter out. NOTE: if your filters are in the vents, call a professional from Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning to help you.
  • Slide new filter in – using the arrows on the filter, slide the new filter into the slot

Call Us For Help

Maintenance on your air conditioning system is essential for its  successful operation. While there are some small things property owners may be able to do themselves, we don’t recommend “cowboying” it. Contact Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair in Columbus, OH. Give us a call today!