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With the recent record high temperatures, allergy season is already here. Protect your family with the Guardian Air Filter professionally installed by Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning. The Guardian Air Filter has been proven to reduce the microbes in the average sneeze by 78%. This technology is so powerful that it can protect you and your family by reducing virus and bacteria such as SARS, Candida, Bird Flu, Norwalk, Listeria, MRSA, E.Coli, Strep, and many more. This technology is used on cruise ships, in hospitals, and government buildings.

Indoor home air tests across North America found that 96% of the homes tested had at least one indoor air quality problem. 86% of the homes tested had high levels of dust, pollen and viruses. 71% tested positive for potentially harmful chemicals and gases. Please see our Indoor Air Quality FAQ for more information.

If you are interested in learning more the Guardian Air Filtration system or about what germicidal ultraviolet lights can do to improve the indoor air quality of your Columbus, OH area home, call Quality Air today. We will help you to pick out just the right system for your needs and we can have it installed for you quickly and efficiently and you can stop putting up with the presence of bacteria and viruses in your home once and for all.


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