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Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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If you’re in the process of replacing the furnace in your home in Columbus, you may consider switching the fuel source that you use. Gas furnaces and electric furnaces are two popular options for many homeowners. Both offer distinct advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed carefully. At Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we wanted to help our customers through the process so we put together a quick comparison of the two systems. A professional heating contractor should always be consulted to help you make this transition.

What Is Forced Air Heating?

Forced air systems are one of the most common heating equipment available. With a furnace, fuel is burned to create heat and heat up your heat exchanger. The fan blows air over the heat exchanger and the hot air is pushed through your ducts into each of your rooms.

Gas Furnaces

With a gas furnace, a fuel line is run from the street to the furnace in your home. Gas is burned to produce heat in your home. In almost every case, gas is cheaper than electricity. Additionally, gas furnaces tend to use less fuel to heat your home.

However, because gas needs to be burned there also needs to be a flue to carry away the combustion gases. Carbon monoxide is one of the gases that results from burning fuel. While there are safety measures in place, burning fuel can occasionally cause problems.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are a great option for many people. They are safer because they don’t require you to burn fuel in your home. They are also quieter because they don’t make any noise burning fuel. Because of the way that electric furnaces heat up, they actually are 100% efficient. However, electric furnaces tend to require more energy to produce heat. Electricity is more expensive than gas in most cases which has the potential to increase your heating bills.

If you’re interested in getting a gas or electric furnace installed at your home in Columbus, just call Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning. We have experience working with all types and brands of furnaces and can help you pick out the perfect furnace for your home.