Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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A heat pump is a very complicated piece of equipment that uses a number of moving parts to compress and circulate refrigerant and extract heat from one environment and place it in another. So, if your heat pump has refrigeration problems, it will almost certainly cause problems for the heating or cooling of your Columbus home.

Common Refrigeration Problems

There are a number of potential problems your Columbus heat pump might face, especially as it begins to age and components become worn.

One common issue you might run into is a problem with your compressor. The compressor is what turns the refrigerant gas into a liquid, which is an essential part of the heating and cooling process. Some symptoms of a broken compressor are your heat pump not turning on, not producing enough heat, or it using much more electricity than expected.  If you suspect a problem with your compressor, have a professional look at it right away.

Another common problem is refrigerant leaks. Since your heat pump doesn’t consume refrigerant, only circulates it, it is a cause for concern if your refrigerant levels are low. It is probably caused by a leak, which can pose both health and environmental concerns. Too little refrigerant will lead to inefficient heating, higher electrcity bills, and possibly a chemical smell around your unit.

Your heat pump freezing up is another typical problem. Usually a freezing problem is caused by a clog in your heat pump, either in the condensate line or the filter. You should also check to make sure your registrars and air vents are not blocked. This is usually inexpensive to fix, but it probably does need a Columbus HVAC professional’s attention.

A heat pump is a very complex piece of machinery with a number of moving parts that can all cause issues if not properly maintained. If your heat pump stops heating or cooling effectively and it is not a simple fix such as a filter or belt, you should call a Columbus air conditioning and heating professional to inspect for more significant problems such as the compressor or refrigerant.

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