Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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Between the concerns about climate change and the rising costs of energy production and consumption, there is a lot of experimentation with new technology.  Standard choices are being re-evaluated and new designs are changing the requirements for various parts.

In homes and other buildings where systems were designed and installed according to the cheaper energy parameters prevalent in the day, it may be time to consider drastic changes to increase the efficiency and decrease impact on the carbon footprint.

Heat Pump Technology

Among the systems getting a fresh look in Columbus are heat pumps, a device that transfers thermal energy from one location to another, usually in the direction of from a colder temperature to higher and generally the opposite of the natural flow.  While compressor-driven air conditioners and freezers are technically heat pumps, “heat pump is the term that usually implies one of the less-common devices in the class that are not dedicated to refrigeration-only.

A heat pump that maintains a thermally conditioned-space can be used to provide either heating or cooling, depending upon whether the environment is cooler or warmer than the conditioned-space.  Typically pumps utilize some thermal energy from the environment itself.

By simply transferring the energy rather than producing it, heat pumps are being more seriously considered as attractive alternatives to provide an efficient and clean system for conditioning public and living spaces.

Change of Use

If you are thinking about changing from your current Columbus heating and cooling system to a heat pump, there are many factors to keep in mind. One of those factors is climate; an air source heat pump works most effectively when the temperature stays above freezing. If you give in a cold climate, you might need a supplementary heating system to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Heat pumps use air to heat and cool your home, so it is easier to convert to a heat pump system if you already have ductwork installed. If you have a forced air furnace or central air-conditioning, you will mostly likely be able to convert your ducts to work with the new system. However, your new heat pump might need larger ducts, so be sure have a contractor examine your ducts before installation to make sure they are the correct size.

The Right Data

Since the required formulas are dependent upon variables such as size, distance, volume and oomph, the design is strategic and makes all the difference.  Consulting with a trained and experienced professional such as Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning is critical to the success of the conversion.