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Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
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Furnaces have always come in a variety of models. Today, you not only have a choice of size and fuel source (natural gas, electric, propane), but also a choice of advanced technology systems that include high-efficiency condensing furnaces and two-stage furnaces. We’re going to look at the latter in this post and explain what a two-stage furnace does and the advantages it provides.

Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with your furnace in Columbus, OH, whether you want to install a two-stage model or if you need repairs and maintenance for the one currently keeping you warm. We’re ready whenever you need us with 24-hour emergency service.

Two-Stage Furnaces

A standard furnace has a blower motor that only runs art one speed. This isn’t something that normally will cause you comfort issues: the fan runs as long as necessary and then stops. It does, however, cause long term wear and tear on your system from continuous stops and starts.

A two-stage furnace, however, has a variable speed motor. The blower can run in low-fire and high-fire modes. During mild cold periods, the motor will run at a low-fire speed that will not send as much air through the ducts or combustion gas through the flue. The thermostat will automatically increase the blower fan to high-fire mode when the temperature becomes cold enough.

There are three main benefits of this system. The first is that your furnace will have a longer lifespan with fewer repairs because the more consistent operation of the fan reduces wear and tear. The second is you will have a reduction in your energy bills: the lower speed performance with fewer starts-ups (which require the most energy of any stage in heating) mean an more energy-efficient system. Third, you can expect superior comfort with a more even temperature in your home that doesn’t swing between extremes.

Two-stage furnaces are usually more expensive to install, although they earn back their extra cost through their energy efficiency. You will need to consult with installation experts to see how effective a two-stage furnace will be for your home and how it fits your budget plans.

Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning can assist your with the installation of your furnace in Columbus, OH, no matter the model or brand you decide on. We’ll always be there for the repairs and maintenance necessary to keep your furnace running for many years.