Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983

We are definitely in the throes of the summer season at this point, as you’ll see with even a cursory glance at your outdoor thermometer. You should be able to effectively and sufficiently cool your home without waiting in dread for your energy bill to arrive each month. If you are concerned about the price of cooling your home, keep these tips in mind and enjoy more efficient air conditioning in Columbus, OH. You don’t have to replace your entire air conditioning system just to cut down on your home cooling costs, after all.

Have Ceiling Fans? Put Them to Use!

Some homeowners mistakenly think of their ceiling fans as being decorative, or that they are a quaint addition to one’s home that don’t serve a very real function. This could not be further from the truth, though. While it is true that your ceiling fans are certainly not going to cool the air in your home as your AC does, they are integral in keeping that cool air circulating throughout your home. When you are able to better circulate cooled air throughout your home, you’ll feel more comfortable, and you can turn up the temperature at the thermostat a bit.

Use a Programmable Thermostat (at Least!)

If you are using an old manual thermostat, one that you control by turning a dial or using slides, the you really should upgrade that device. Not only will a digital thermostat make it much easier for you to set the temperature that you actually intend to, but programmable models will also help you to maximize efficiency. You can maintain higher temperatures in your home throughout the day, and have the AC kick into a higher gear before you get home. You may want to consider the use of an advanced smart thermostat, even!

Cool Your Home More Thoughtfully

The bottom line is that less AC use is going to result in less energy consumption. Investing in a zone control system, which allows you to cool only those areas of your home that you really want to, and only as much as you want to, can help you to scale back energy use in your home. Call today if you are interested in taking greater control than ever before over your home cooling system.

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