Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983
Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio since 1983

Installing a central air conditioning system for a home isn’t a job you can perform over the weekend with a few friends as a DIY project. Nor is it a job you can hand over to amateurs who offer you the lowest bid. Only trust this work to licensed, trained professionals.

Here are 3 examples of what you’ll get from relying on HVAC professionals to install a new AC. When you call Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for your air conditioning installation in Columbus, OH, you will receive high quality service that will leave you satisfied—as well as cooled down.

Here are 3 signs of excellent AC installation

  1. Quiet operation – There is no way to install a completely silent air conditioning system (the compressor, fans, and motors will always make noise), but one of the indicators that the installers did an excellent job is that the AC will make no unusual sounds due to faulty motor set-ups, poor connections, bad placement, or poor duct hook-ups. You will have an AC that makes no more than a soothing hum.
  2. Efficient operation – An air conditioner has a rating that measures its efficiency: SEER. This number will allow you to determine how much it will cost to run the AC over a season. If the air conditioner was installed well, you can expect to have the actual costs meet this estimate. However, it’s rare for a poor installation to live up to its SEER.
  3. (Mostly) repair-free operation – Here’s a startling statistic: approximately 85% of all repairs for air conditioners are due to poor initial installation. Amateur work usually means a homeowner must spend the next few years scheduling repairs to undo the damage originally caused, and this is the fastest way to waste the money “saved” by hiring amateurs. With a quality installation, you already have 85% of your repair problems taken care of—and you can expect years to pass before you need to call for a repair technician.

There are numerous other benefits from professional installation: speedier work, correct unit sizing, and a longer system life. Professionals work hard to live up to your expectations, and they won’t leave your home until they are certain that your new system operates the way it should, and will continue operating that way for many years to come.

Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning has NATE-certified technicians to handle air conditioning installation in Columbus, OH. This means installers the HVAC industry recognizes as top in their field. Rely on their experience for your next AC installation. Give us a call today and schedule your next appointment.